Thursday, 6 March 2014

Mountains in the morning, sunset by the sea

While my children were growing up my brother gave us the complete series of Fawllty Towers. They were hooked from the first episode. They got to know it off by heart. Our house would ring with their laughter as they repeated the punchlines.

"He put Basil in the Ratatouille"!
"Too much butter on those trays!"
"No Mr Fawlty: Uno , dos, tres!"

My son reminded me of one favourite today, as he set off skiing.
     Sybil: "Did you hear that Basil?Mr.Hamilton said that in California you can swim in the morning and ski in the afternoon."
     Basil: "Sounds rather tiring".
The skiing season is still open here in Italy, but if you find a sheltered spot you can happily soak up the sun on the beach.
The first time we went camping to Jesolo when I was 9 we had a terrific thunderstorm the night before our departure. As my Dad packed up our soaking wet tent, he told us that the minute he saw a field he would take it out and pitch it so it could dry out otherwise it would rot. We drove up towards Cortina and found a meadow where we waited while the tent dried. My memories are hazy of what we did while waiting, probably got out our Eye spy books, but I do remember vividly the thrilling feeling of having gone from the sea to the snow capped mountains in a flash.
My husband  is very proud of his Dolomites. He really loves them and it is easy to understand why. They are really part of the Alps, but called Dolomites because of the rock they are made of which turns pink at sunset. There is even a part of thr Dolomites called Rosengarten which means Rose Garden.
On this beautiful early Spring morning Italy has a snow capped crown stretching from the Mediterranean to the Adriatic.

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