Saturday, 8 March 2014

Evviva le donne

The 8 th March is Il Giorno della donna. Lots of Italian women celebrate it with gusto. Pizza parties and mimosa a go-go abound. In Britain on the radio someone announced sombrely that today is International Women's day. Quite a contrast. The supposed origin of this day is tragic, it's about women that were trapped in a burning factory.

Somehow, in Italy at least, it has become a day to celebrate being a woman. Special events are organized and hotels propose tantalizing offers for Spa days  and girlie weekends.
My first Woman's day wish was from my daughter's father-in-law. He sent a lovely message about what a lot of happiness and joy that women give to men. No nudge nudge wink wink - we are all tapping on !!.... He he !!
This got me thinking about how important men and women are to each other, how a good balance between us makes life better for everyone. Husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, doctors and nurses.

I have chosen this photo of two Italian swans to celebrate Women's day. No mimosa here. At first glance I thought the one nearest the camera was the male keeping a look out. Then I thought maybe it's the female keeping her man.
So wherever you are today, walking in the Beech woods in your wellies, whipping off your Burkha in a Wadi, or strutting your stuff on a Brazilian  beach, here's to women all around the world... And their men.


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