Monday, 10 March 2014

Showcase walks


The area I come from is considered one of outstanding natural beauty. A friend of mine often has visitors from abroad. The first thing she does is to take them on what she calls a showcase walk.
We call it a pub walk. They are absolutely marvellous. You park your car at the pub, book a table for lunch two hours later, and stride about the countryside up hill, down dale, through the woods and across streams until you arrive back at the pub having worked up an appetite. Just remember to have spare shoes and leave your muddy boots outside, and maybe a clean t- shirt.
A very dear friend of mine loves activity holidays called for wimps, I can identify with that. Pub walks are perfect for wimps like me. I have also discovered there are books about Tea shop walks - I used to read them to my Mum and she would close her eyes and imagine them. She did so much walking in her youth she could recall every step she took. Here are some of the spectacular views of our Showcase walk.

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