Saturday, 29 March 2014

Suspended in time

It must have taken some years for this tree to grow out of the wall

Many a day tripper has seen this sight as they made their way home
The setting sun is a delight for anyone anywhere
Olive trees can live for thousands of years
An olive grove is always a peaceful place to be
The ancient Romans would have enjoyed this same view
Sometimes when we go somewhere for the day, somewhere touristy where people go for pleasure like a lake or a river or the sea,it feels like I m suspended in time. I feel like I've entered a parellel world, a sort of Happyland. There are many places like this all over the world. There is no obvious industry or signs of the wheels that keep the country going. Everyone seems to be there with companions of their choice doing pleasurable things, from merely sitting chatting in a cafe to whizzing across the water on skis or flying through the air on some sort of contraption. People have been enjoying these places for leisure for centuries.Some views have probably hardly changed at all since Roman times.Tourist spots seem to me to be happy islands where weekday worries are firmly pushed aside. The trees, the ruins and some of the buildings have seen many people pass through , lightening their burdens with good company and getting comfort from being together knowing that everyone is there to have a good time.The photos I took today show the timelessness of these places.
Lakes,the sea, rivers are all places we gravitate towards on a sunny day

Olive tree trunks can form very interesting shapes

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