Sunday, 9 March 2014

First really sunny day of the year

This was the first really sunny day of the year. It was warm enough to wear a t-shirt and it was a delight to feel the skin warmed by the sun.

Here is a poem that must have been inspired by a day like this:

O Earth! Thou hast not any wind that blows
Which is not music; every weed of thine
Pressed rightly flows in aromatic wine;
And every humble hedgerow flower that grows,
And every little brown bird that doth sing.
Hath something greater than itself, and bears
A living word to every living thing,
Albeit it hold the message unawares.
Richard Realf

On this beautiful day we saw: a peacock butterfly, frogspawn on a pond, some cirrus clouds also known as mare's tails, a church surrounded by flood water and a stream full of bubbling water.

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