Monday, 31 March 2014

Proper pleasant talking

Make time for a quick coffee break and a happy conversation

A little book of friendship

It's just another manic Monday...
It's a lovely sunny day, a whole new week before us and I'm sure a lot of us have already got a long to- do list, some things on it may be pleasant, some a burden, some a worry.
Make time for some proper pleasant talking. Sir Thomas More 1478-1535) had lots of things on his mind but this is what he said about finding time for friends.

A merry tale with a friend refresheth a man much, and without any harm lighteth his mind and amendeth his courage, so that it seemeth but well done to take such recreation. And St. Thomas saith that proper pleasant talking is a good virtue, serving to refresh the mind and make it quick and lusty to study again, where continual fatigation would make it dull and deadly.

So maketh time for a quick break, a cup of coffee, a chat or just read my blog and listen to The Bangles.... if you like 80s music...

The internet is making it possible to keep in touch with friends from all over the world

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