Sunday, 23 March 2014

Rules for dressing

No- one would deny that Italians are in a class of their own when it comes to fashion and design.  The French could join them in the chic stakes . Both nations seem to have an innate ability to look groomed and co- ordinated at all times. There's always seems to be something not quite right about my outfits..However I do have a weakness  for British menswear. Perhaps it's the masculine feel of the cloth , the cut or the earthy smell of tweed or maybe just the reassuring memories men's clothing brings back of my Dad. Fact is I often buy my husband clothes in England. So there I was in a Men's outfitters chatting to the Irish proprietor with his French wife, buying clothes for an Italian man, in England. We both agreed that it is important to take care when buying clothes, not to have too many and to have overflowing wardrobes. He said the world can only cope with so many old clothes,, we must think about how to dispose of them just like glass, paper etc without harming the environment. Lots of shops are re-cycling clothes, old bras can be used  as insulation for roofs, he told me, not sure if he was pulling my leg here.
There was a sign up in the shop with something that Hardy Amis said about men and their clothes. I think it's true for us women too .

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