Friday, 28 March 2014

Everything stops for tea

Tea time , an original watercolour by Little Lou

My favourite tea at the moment
My lovely mum had  a rich variety of ways of letting you know that she would like a cup of tea .  My favourites were 'Don't you just love the sound the kettle makes when it's boiling ?' "Isn't it a lovely sight to see the clock pointing to 4-o-clock?" "Would YOU like a cup of tea?" . My hisband couldn't understand why she just didn't ask "Could you please make me a cup of yea?'. But she didn't and it would have spoiled the fun.Tea breaks were a very important part of factory life, they had to be fought for and were very precious. As my Dad got old he often said "all I want is someone to make me a cup of tea." It is now an established fact that a strong cup of sweet tea helps when someone is in a state of shock .
Tea has caused problems in the past , like with The Boston Tea party . Lots of songs have been written about tea time and even though now it seems more coffee is consumed in Britain  as in Italy,lit is often just what I need in the middle of the afternoon. So whether I m drinking builders tea in a mug or in a china cup it s always a drink that makes me feel at home and is a great excuse for a sit- down and a good natter.
Tea for two

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