Thursday, 20 March 2014

Treasure hunts in London

Look for this on the floor at the National Gallery

Early morning fog
Kate Middleton cocktails
Our man in Havana chess game
The door to the room where Edward VII took Lily Langtree

For his 30 th birthday my nephew organized a Treasure Hunt for his friends in London. They were divided into teams and wore fancy dress then they were given various tasks and clues . Some involved the members of the public and they caused a lot of amusement. The other day in London a few hidden treasures were pointed out to me which might be useful for anyone organizing such a game .
In Maiden Lane, a small street parallel to The Strand is a miniature  building with a statue of a maiden hidden in a recess . You have to bend down to look at her.
In a restaurant in the same street the barman showed us the door to the room where Edward VII took his mistress Lil Langtree.She was an actress and considered to be the Angelina Jolie of her day. He also pointed out a chess board covered with miniature whisky bottles instead of pieces. This is something to do with Graham Greene and his book Our man in Havana." I loved that book. You might like to stop here and have a Kate Middleton cocktail made with a violet liqueur if your budget allows, or pop in the pub next to the little maiden.Then  of course there is always the cockerel on the plinth in Trafalgar Square. It isn't hidden but is quite a sight. On the floor of the National Gallery there are numerous mosaics depicting a wide variety of scenes.A fitting end to your Treasure  Hunt could be the one that shows "Rest and Be thankful."

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