Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The pleasure of anticipation, non vedo l'ora

When I first started to learn Italian I wanted to learn how to express the feeling of looking forward to something. . In English we tend to use looking forward to  a lot . It is a feeling that keeps you going . I am looking forward to seeing you ! I can't wait to see you ! They both give the idea that you are very happy about an event that is about to happen in the not- too- distant future .  If the event is more unlikely we might see longing to . i' m longing to see my cousins who  emigrated to Australia and is coming home next year. Longing to has a hint of yearning about it  I' m longing to tell you about my new job , but the opportunity hasn't arisen yet .
Longing to
Looking forward to
Can't wait 
 In Italian they are summed up like this Non vedo l'ora  which translates as I can't see the time.

Today  I am looking forward to going on holiday. I can't wait to see my relatives and I am longing to catch up on all their news.
Non vedo l'ora !!
Winnie - the - Pooh sums it up best. Piglet asks him what  he likes doing best. Pooh wants to say eating honey. Then he hesitates because there is a moment just before you eat the honey that is even better. He doesn't know what it's called. I suppose we could say the pleasure of anticipation.

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