Monday, 28 July 2014

Friends who grow things

Watching the sun go down on a beautiful July evening

ways with vegetables from Puglia
It's a real treat on a summer evening to be invited for a drink to friends with a lovely garden. As you sit watching the sun go down and hearing about their holidays you can see the hard work that goes into keeping a garden and growing fruit and vegetables. Then as you go home your friends give you a basket of freshly picked tomatoes and peppers and you feel very privileged to share the rewards of all their hard work. Along with my tomatoes and peppers came a recipe from Puglia. The tomatoes are sliced in rounds and then dressed with olive oil, salt and capers. The peppers are sliced and lightly grilled, then dressed with anchovy slices, pine nuts and olive oil. Then you can go home and have them for supper thinking about the beautiful Salento coastline.
Green peppers and red tomatoes, fresh from the garden

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