Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Summer flowers


This Summer the flowers are as lovely as ever. Some flowers thrive on lots of intense sunshine while others prefer the shade or need lots of water. Roses seem to manage quite happily whether facing the heat of an Italian summer or the more variable British one. Looking at flowers in a garden try and think of how many girls names come from flowers or plants.  Or could ...
Rose -popular in Italian and English
Daisy - in Italian Margherita
Violet- Violetta
Holly - would be awful in Italian .. Agrofoglio
Ivy - also awful in Italian Edera .. In French it is Lierre. I only know that because I had a friend whose mum was called Ivy and they named their boat Lierre after her.
Heather , in Italian Erica
Hyacinth, we all know Hyacinth Bucket , her sisters are called Daisy and Rose.
Veronica , the same in Italian
Virginia , from Virginia creeper.
Then there are the names of flowers that could sound nice but are not used like Zinnia and Petunia.
There are many that couldn't be used at all like Plumbago.
As you look at the flowers and think of their names you can quite easily weave a story round them.

The snowdrops are always the first to appear
Heralding the beginning of a bright new year.
Then primroses and violets follow quickly suit
Crocuses and daffodils beginning to shoot.
Tulips in their splendour give colour everywhere
Competing with the blossom that floats into your hair.
Honeysuckle, foxgloves, and flowers bright magenta
You only know the name if you go to the Garden Centre.
When the roses start to bloom
You know you'll be alright
Their scent will surround you
Far into the night.
Now a Summer fanfare of colours from flowers big and small
Just look at those delphiniums
Standing straight and tall!
We all need the flowers to help us on our way
There is nothing like the flowers to brighten up our day.

I expect you are all thinking that a ten year old could have written that ! That's me- young at heart !

Cliff top flowers

Petunias visiting for a holiday

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