Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Poem for the day

Today I have got a bit side- tracked because Im trying to write a short story , so in my next post I'll write the first installment but first of all a poem about happiness. What makes people happy is of great concern. We spend a lot of time doing things to make other people happy . In this poem Robert Burns (1759-1796) tells us that happiness lies in our hearts. It is what is in our hearts that matters. If you have time you can read it out loud. It is just as relevant now as when it was written over two hundred years ago.

It's no in titles nor in rank;
It's no in wealth like London bank,
To purchase peace and rest;
It's no in making muckle, mair:
It's no in books, it's no in lear,
To make us truly  blest.
If happiness hae not her seat
And centre in the breast,
We may be wise, or rich, or great,
But never can be blest;
Nae treasures, nor pleasurea,
Could make us happy lang,
The heart ay's the part ay,
That makes us right or wrang.

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