Saturday, 19 July 2014

Guignol , a French Punch and Judy show

A trip to the seaside in Britain never used to be complete without a Punch and Judy show . The story involved a lot of slapstick, a policeman and a lot of laughter from the children. The French equivalent is called Guignol, a seemingly simple young man who always outwits everyone . The rest of the cast can vary but today we saw one with a Baroness. The story was irrelevant . The children laughed at every flip of the puppets strings, at every tongue twister uttered by the characters. Patatata toc, pomme pomme pomme du lac. Surely nothing is more infectious than children's laughter no matter what language is used. The setting was quite old- fashioned. The scene was timeless, puppets making children laugh and popcorn in the interval . Who hasn't got memories like these?

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