Sunday, 20 July 2014

Bonne route , buon viaggio

It's time to say goodbye to all our holiday friends. We start with a friend who looks great in a bikini at the age of eighty. What's her secret ? She never walks anywhere if she can help it, far too slow,. She loves magnums and chocolate mousse . So au revoir, à bientôt  e à la prochaine. Next the teenage grandson of our long time friends who are away for the day. Even at his awkward age he has all the charms of a Frenchman and kisses us on the cheek and wishes us Bonne route. A special farewell for the elderly lady who spends her summers here and is kindness itself. On the way out we stop by to see our new friends. They want us to stop for un cafè or a glass of wine, but all we can manage is a glass of water , we are already behind schedule. The beach bar owner, the  young people at the bar , everyone who has made our stay so happy has been thanked and with wishes to come back we are on our way. Then we are stuck in the traffic and looking at all the other cars in the queue. As we edge slowly forward a passo d'uomo - walking pace - looking at my fellow travellers I think of all the hopes and dreams of all the happy reunions and  wonderful memories being built on a summer Sunday afternoon. Smiling at the other  passengers crawling along , thinking of all the happy times with the ones you love , memories stored in your heart .

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