Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Patisserie, a magical word

On our first  journeys from England to the South of France,over fifty years ago ,there were very few motorways. This meant that we  bounced along tree- lined avenues  and drove through all the little towns and villages on the way. Instead of stopping in the anonymous motorway service stations you went into little cafes and shops used by the local people. You were very aware of the changing departments and the climate growing more southern with every overnight stop .Every village and town in France has its ' own special Patisserie where all manners of delicious cakes and pastries are sold. I remember stopping in one at a town called Auxerre, just south of Paris. It was the first time I had sampled olives and anchovies ,egg and chips girl that I was. When you see a sign saying Patisserie  you can bet you will find something really special inside. Today we went to  a lovely Patisserie and bought fougasse,olives e tomate, quiche lorraine, tarte au frambroise, tarte au fraises, eclairs a cafe. A perfect picnic lunch fot the beach or for your journey , or to take home after the market for a quickly prepared lunch. I wonder if that Patisserie is still wonderful in Auxerre, I bet it is !

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