Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A day on the beach for a friend

Not quite what we were expecting when it said crudités on the menu

Children love bucket and spade holidays ! So do I! A day on the beach gives me all I need for a two minute magic reviver that I can use all year round. You engage all your senses and store up all the wonderful sensations and keep them in a special drawer in your mind. There was a little boat that put its anchor down in front of the cafe where we had lunch. I imagined a special friend of mine coming ashore from it and joining us for lunch. Here are just some of the memories to keep in that special place in your heart.
The sight of the bright twinkling turquoise sea and the deep blue sky.
The salty smell of the sea.
The feel of the soft sand sifting through your fingers. The wet shingly sand underfoot and the sinking feeling as the waves rush away.
The warm sweet smell from the pines.
The breeze lifting your hair and cooling your skin.
The cries of the ice cream seller 'ice cream, chocolat, glace, chi chi, beignet pomme!'
The wonderful sensation of swimming in the clear water and letting yourself float and then look back at the shore. It is at that moment you hold it all , wrap it up and place it carefully among your treasured memories.
There you have it - a perfect two- minute magic reviver.

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