Thursday, 17 July 2014

Plaisir d'offrir

Towards the end of a holiday you might keep a look out for small gifts to take home , something you can't easily get where you live. You often see people at airports with huge sombreros or straw donkeys. My brother took a Terracotta warrior back from China. My Italian friend has got fridge magnets from all over the world and there is hardly any space left to squeeze another one. I' m sure lots  of us have a model of the Eiffel tower or the leaning tower of Pisa stashed in a cupboard. My dad used to bring me back a doll in traditional dress whenever he went away . So I have a dearly treasured Blodwyn, Ivanka, Natasha, Carolina, Ingrid, Juanita, all carefully and lovingly kept. Whenever I go to England I love to take gifts from Italy and then British gifts like Cadbury's chocolate to take back to Italy . All these souvenirs whizzing about all over the world are reminding us that we have all got something to offer, something to give, with love , to bring joy to someone else's everyday existence. I can still taste the delicious sesame biscuits a friend from Damascus gave me, the Turkish delight from Serbia, the caviar from Russia, the Greek biscuits lovingly made by a friend's mother- in - law . So anyway today we saw a little marché Provençale and I told my grandson that I wanted to look for presents to take home for his other grandma and little cousins. I was amazed at how he entered into the spirit of the game. At one stall he stopped and drew me aside. He whispered in my ear that he had seen a bunch of lavander. He assured me that that was exactly what his other Nonna would love as a present . The stall holder told us that it was only decoration , but then she couldn't resist my grandson's  Latin gaze  ' you can have it!' She said. We then bought lavander bags guaranteed to last for three years,  Provençale herbs, lavander flavoured meringues and herb flavoured olive oil and salt . There !! We are now going to take the scents and flavours of Provence home with us and spread them  further with love. 

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