Monday, 14 July 2014

Nature and the Artist

One of my favourite films to watch on a lazy Summer evening is Mr.Bean's holiday with Rowan Atkinson. It captures perfectly the essence of the magical journey from a rainy day in England to the sunny South of France. There is humour and mishap on the way but everything turns out well in the end and the whole cast gather on the beach to sing an uplifting rendering of La mer. I always enjoy Mr. Bean goes to America as well. If you haven't seen it , Mr. Bean makes a wonderful speech about a painting called Whistler's mother.
Now I just read these lines by James Whistler which remind us to notice the beauty in nature all around us. In summer that is easy to do, whether it's the sunset, the lovely flowers or just the light, artists are bound to find inspiration.

Nature sings her exquisite song to the artist, alone. To him her secrets are unfolded. He looks at her flower not with the enlarging lens, that he may gather facts for the botanist, but with the light of one who sees in her choice selection of brilliant tones and delicate tints, suggestions of future harmonies. In the long curve of the narrow leaf, corrected by the straight tall stem, he learns how grace is wedded to dignity, how strength enhances sweetness.

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