Sunday, 6 July 2014

Douce France

Le luxe n'est pas un plaisir : mais le plaisir est un luxe

Luxury isn't a pleasure but pleasure is a luxury.

C'est tellement simple l'amour

Love is so simple really

Une joie partagè est une joie double

A joy shared is a joy doubled 

Le soleil brille pour tout le monde

The sun shines for everybody 

These are all phrases written on a menu at my favourite beach cafe , in the South of France. I fell in love with  the South of France whenI was  eight years old . That first glimpse of the deep blue sparkling sea, the soft white sand undisturbed by tides, the gentle lapping sound of the waves and the heady scent of the Mediterranean pines, they thrilled me then and they thrill me now . Then there is the seductive sound of the French language .The men always sound gentle and romantic. The mothers never sound cross . Their high pitched excited voices telling the children to depeche- toi,ca suffit and who wouldn't want to be called cherie??
Un picher di rosè, un caffè avec, un glace, everything seems more inviting and interesting. Then there is the wondrous moment when you are introduced to someone, they lean forward, take your hand and in low husky tones say'enchantè !! Enchanted ?!! To meet ME?!!!! Oh vive la France !!! Toujours 

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