Sunday, 25 May 2014

What is love?

It's very late and I'm thinking about love. There has been a lot going on in my life to do with love . From my school days I remember being told about the three main types of love, Eros, agape and pathos. Of course the most exciting one as a teenager was Eros, the other two I sort of took for granted. the teacher told us that Agape was love for humanity and pathos for family and friends. I hope she got it right because I haven't looked it up on Wikipedia to check because it is too late so I'm just trying to remember and say what is in my heart. the love for family and friends and humanity came easy, it was there in my heart from the day I was born. the Eros one seemed to be much more tricky, less permanent, harder to gain and sustain. So much has written about love, it is an endless fascination for us all. Everyone wants and needs it. Today I read something about love by one of the Quakers, Isaac Penington (1616 - 1679).

What is love?
It is the sweetness of life;
It is the sweet, tender, melting nature of God,
flowing up through his seed of life into the creature, and of all things making the creature most like unto himself, both in nature and operation. It excludes all evil out of the heart, it perfects all good in the heart.
A touch of love doth this in measure, perfect love does this in fullness.

We need to consciously fill our hearts with love every day.
We all have different ways of showing our love for each other.

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