Sunday, 4 May 2014

Keep it light, without being heavy

The vast blue sky makes the mountains look small

My favourite Bluebell wood
A climb to the top of the hill to see the windmill ,clears the mind
Looking at my lovely photograph of the Bluebell wood I can feel all the sensations I would have walking through it. The scents of the flowers and fresh greenery , the light breeze through my hair, the scufflings in the undergrowth, the cuckoo and the wood pigeons calling each other.
In Italy there are also many lovely places where Nature's bounty can be enjoyed. The thick carpets of primroses and violets have given way to ferns and wild orchids , the cuckoo and the wood pigeons are calling here too along with all the blackbirds and thrushes. 
When I think of these scenes I think of how you must go lightly when out in these places. No trampling all the flowers and greenery underfoot, no startling the wildlife, no disturbing of nesting places, no  leaving behind rubbish or harmful substances. Thinking like this you realise that being light is not the same as being superficial not at all. Go through the day with a light touch and a light heart and a light attitude to who and what is around you, together with your depth of love for the beauty in the world and the people in it.
Italy has beautiful uncontaminated lakes and mountains. the Dolomites are a World heritage site

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