Monday, 12 May 2014

Italian Mothers day

 I always loved Mothers day , all the hand made gifts and drawings and being made  a fuss of, and as they got older whole meals would be prepared and older still lovely bracelets and necklaces, all greatly treasured and a reminder of how much we all mean to each other.I' m going to show off a bit now but I'd like to share a memory that gave me so much pleasure, well more than that, it made might my heart practically burst. When my daughter was about 8 she came home from school with a lovely drawing for mothers day. It was a portrait of me and around it were written all the most lovely words you can think of to describe your mum. Loving, caring, kind, fun, generous, witty, beautiful, cuddly, clever, a great cook etc etc , later I found out that she was meant to have chosen one. The words had been written on the blackboard and the children were told to choose one. But she chose the lot, all written in big, bright colours to describe her mum.Once my son made me a special card for Mothers day that made me a member of the Happiness Club.It's rather worn out now but is extremely valuable to me. Once I had my purse stolen with my Happiness club membership card inside. Luckily the purse was found, the money and the bus tickets had gone but the Happiness card was still there . I was so relieved and thankful.

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