Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Flower families brightening up the town

This afternoon going for a walk with my little grandson at a slow pace we looked at the world through his eyes. The scents of the May flowers and the acute observation of the world around us took me back to when I walked to school. Really granny talk this. I love walking past gardens and always appreciate the care and effort people have made to give pleasure to everyone who passes. It's not like a back garden which is for the owners . Banks covered with crocuses and daffodils, a lilac bush place  at the front, roses growing over a railing, all enhance the town for everybody.Looking at the flowers with my grandson I remembered all the stories I would make up about them, especially pansies, they always look like they have little faces. Roses can be a whole kingdom. the queen and king are the full blown roses and their subjects are the rose buds. It is easy to see how Walt Disney was so inspired by flowers, particularly in Fantasia and Alice in Wonderland. Today we took photos of the flowers and I told him some stories and we talked to the dogs who came to greet us, the old men sitting out on their balconies, the people we knew who we met and told them all we were looking for a blue ice cream. Only one person knew what we were talking about, it was a Smurf flavoured ice cream, or Puffi, in Italian.
A garage wall looks much better with a rose bush in front of it

These little pansies waiting to dance

Pansy faces staring out of the undergrowth

Spectators waiting for the match to start

These lovely roses peeping over the top of a high plain wall make the street more attractive

Roses beside a driveway

A whole kingdom of roses

the queen of the Rose kingdom

A hidden garden off a busy main road

Roses climbing over the fence so both neighbours can enjoy them

Rose garden

Roses in front of a garage

Back gardens are mainly for the pleasure of the owners

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