Sunday, 11 May 2014

A recipe for life

My brother is just two years older than me and while we were growing up we were all in awe of him. My mum and dad and I admired him greatly and we were totally united in our aim for him to be happy. In our teenage years I did so many things that I would never have done without his influence. I ploughed my way through the Gormenghast trilogy, I shook my head to "Squeeze my lemons" by Led Zeppelin, crooned away to "World of pain" by Cream and Listened to Leonard Cohen moaning away. Without  my brother I would just have bopped away to Tamla Motown and read Jackie all day long. the one book that he did make me read that has never been far away from me all through the years is "The once and future king" by T.H.White. At first I couldn't really see it's appeal, but the first half of the book is guaranteed to cheer me up every time.

She is not any common earth
Water or wood or air,
But Merlin's Isle of Gramarye
Where you and I will fare

Here is a song from it, a Scandinavian song that you may like.

The Boon of life

Ky-yow replied: the boon of life is health
Paddle-foot, Feather-straight, Supple neck, Button-eye
These have the world's wealth.

Aged Ank answered, Honour is our all.
Path-finder, people.feeder, Plan-provider, Sage-commander
These hear the call

Lyo-lyok the lightsome said, Love I had liefer.
Douce-down, Tender-tread, Warm-nest and Walk-in-line
These live for ever.

Aaling-ung was for Appetite. Ah, he said, Eating!
Gander-gobble, Tear grass, Stubble stalk, Stuff-crop
These take some beating.

Wink-wink praised Comrades, the fair free fraternity.
Line-astern, Echelon, Arrow-head, Over-cloud:
These learn Eternity.

But I , Lyow, choose Lay-making, of loud lilts which linger,
Horn music, Laughter song, Epic heart, Ape-the world;
These Lyow, the singer.

This really meant something to me, a recipe for life

Lay-making...that had me giggling at aged 15, but it means having fun, entertainment, singing and dancing.

These are the things we need to have, this is The Boon of Life

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