Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Wedding wishes

At some Italian weddings symbolic items are brought to the altar t show what is particularly dear to the heart of the bride and groom. Once at a wedding I went to, a  baby was brought to the front of the church as a symbol of the family and the importance given to children. Recently at another wedding the couple chose the following symbolic gifts:-

Bread which represented  nourishment of the body and soul, wine as a gift of joy and love so we can become bringers of joy, love and optimism in our world ever day.

A guitar, instrument which symbolizes merriment, union among people and the desire to overcome difficulties also through artistic and creative sensitivity.

A globe, sign of our commitment to be peacemakers and to look upon the world as one country without boundaries among people.

A tray prepared with coffee pot and cups, as a symbol of hospitality, welcome and friendship, which we commit ourselves to cultivate always.

Bubbles, a typical childhood pastime to keep alive the child that is within us all and to preserve the capacity for surprise and emotion.

Afterwards at the wedding reception each table  had a decoration of marshmallows and was named after something that brought the bride and groom joy.

Candy floss
Holding a seashell to your ear to listen to the noise of the sea.
Blowing soap bubbles
Live music at concerts
Hugging trees
Walking through a carpet of crunchy Autumn leaves
Fluffy white clouds
Christmas stockings
Dogs' waggly tails
Making sandcastles
The first buds of Spring
Laughing out loud
Toasting each others' health

The list is endless and we could all add more of our own but what is really special about the above selection is that they are all easily available to us all.

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