Thursday, 22 May 2014

Dogs and roses

An odd number of red roses is a sure sign that love is blossoming

Shopaholic hounds
Wild roses are sometimes called dog roses . Today I saw dogs in unexpected places and roses galore . Roses in gardens and shops, climbing over walls and adorning balconies. I read somewhere that if people are asked to say which is their favourite flower and which is their favourite number a vast amount of people will say roses and number seven. There is probably a scientific explanation. How can roses not be a favourite flower? They come in colours for all tastes, from
Strong vibrant yellows and oranges to delicate pinks and white.  What woman has never felt weak at the kneese when presented with red roses , the greatest symbol of true love. In Britain to be given a dozenred roses is a sure sign of a serious suitor. In Italy however it is considered lucky to be given an odd number of roses. So if you are sent thirteen red roses please don't throw one away in a panic like I did .
Along with all the roses I admired today I saw some little dogs that looked very happy to be accompanying their owners running their errands.
Helping to deliver the letters

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