Sunday, 4 May 2014

Il mese delle Rose , il mese di Maria

sans espine, without thorns

Roses in a variety of colours
Yellow roses can  mean jealousy
Il n'est rose sans espine, There are no roses without thorns, often used to talk about love
In Italy May is known as the month of Mary and the month of roses. Often you will find a little chapel that is opened specially and everyone is given a rose. Roses are in full bloom in all the gardens in every colour of the rainbow. Pink English roses are treasured for their delicate beauty and are at their best in May before the sizzling heat of summer.. Roses are often considered to be the most beautiful of flowers. Their colours, their scent , their soft velvety petals. Each colour has a meaning in the language of flowers. Red is for true love , yellow- jealousy, white and pink for weddings. You just have to watch out for the thorns and wear gloves when gardening. Non ci sono rose senza spine, there are no roses without thorns.
May must be the most green or eco- friendly month. No need for central heating or air- conditioning. You can ride your bike without fear of bronchitis or dehydration, you can stay out in the sun all day , you can sleep at night. There is the whole of the  summer to look forward to , There is beauty all around us. No wonder poets have been inspired by May for centuries.
Just one problem here , now is the time to change over our wardrobes and shake out all our summer dresses, but why oh why don't they fit .?

All through the winter
To keep myself warm
I ate bananas and potatoes
And polenta made with corn
But now the summer's coming
I'm regretting all of that
Cos looking in the mirror
I realise I am fat .


three red roses for true love

A little chapel used to bless roses for Mary

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