Monday, 12 May 2014

Monday in May

Roses on a May morning
It is a glorious morning ,there's no other word for it. The sort that makes you so glad to be alive. The sort that fills you with love and goodwill to all men. I haven't said anything that hasn't been said before and  isn't nice to think that there are millions who have felt like this and always will be.
Early one morning
Just as the sun was rising
I heard a maiden sing
In the valley below

Oh don't deceive me
Oh never leave me
How could you use 
A poor maiden so.

And a lovely verse by Alexander Pope that I ' ve written before but it is such a wonderful wish for your loved ones.

May joy and ease and affluence and content
And the light conscience of a life well spent
Calm every thought, inspirit every grace
Glow in thy heart, smile upon thy face.

Have a wonderful Monday

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