Friday, 23 May 2014

Out in the country for a picnic

One of the nicest ways to make the best of the lovely Spring sunny days is to go out into the country and have a picnic. Some sandwiches, cans of beer, apples and a piece of chocolate and a nice shady spot and maybe a picnic rug. Lots of people had the same idea today. Lots of different languages rang out along the lanes as people cycled and walked calling to each other in their native tongue.The pleasure of sitting out on the grass in the open air is something we all can have. John Clare (1793-1864), knew that we do not need to own things to enjoy them.

Nor land nor yet living belongs unto me,
Yet I can go out in the meadows and see
The healthy green grass - and behold the showers fall,
As the wealth of that being that blesses us all,
And he that feels this, who can say he is poor?
For fortune's the birthright of joy - nothing more,
And he that feels thus takes the wealth from the soil,
For the miser owns nought but the trouble and toil.

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