Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Find some quiet time, solitude can renew us

When times are hectic it is a good idea to find some quiet time. This poem by Charles Cotton (1630-1687) describes how it can renew us. There has been a lot of talk lately about how a good purposeless walk can actually kick start creativity. Some psychologists think that it is when children get bored that their imagination works best.

O solitude, the soul's best friend.
How calm and quiet a delight
       It is alone
To read, and meditate, and write,
By none offended nor offending none;
To walk, ride, sit, or sleep at one's own ease,
And pleasing a man's self, none other to displease.

Writing out this poem made me think of Fawlty Towers. There is a scene when Sybil is talking about her mother and saying how she is afraid of wide open spaces, and also afraid of being cooped up. It's difficult to get the balance right. the same with solitude and company, it is all a question of balance.

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