Saturday, 22 February 2014

Things I bought at the craft fair

At the craft fair I bought a note book to write down plans and appointments . This one caught my eye . The bicycle with flowers in the basket reminds me of my mum- you might remember Jacqueline-  and it says in Italian Lunario dei giorni sereni-  something about serene days. As I started to ask the stall holder if I could have it, she stopped me in mid track ." Oh where was I from? Wasnt my Italian good!! But wait !! There was a girl who could speak English, she was studying it at university!!"So there I was engaged in conversation with a very charming young girl , in English , learning alll about her trips to Windsor castle and Harrods. My friends had melted away.Then the ever- embarassing moment - where did I learn my Italian . "Well it's not very good really", I mumbled, " your English is much better," and it was !
In this notebook there are little snippets of poems in very small writing , this one caught my spirit of heralding the Spring, in Italian, by Giovanni Pascoli '1855-1912' to start me on my road to improved fluency. 

C 'e qualcosa di nuovo oggi nel sole,
Anzi d'antico: io vivo d'altrove,
E sento che sono intorno nate le viole.I  also bought a note book for some special people I know who are getting married. This allso has quote on each page. The one I liked best was by Oscar Wilde. Happiness is not having what you desire but desiring what you have . Felicit√† non √® avere quello che si desidera ma desiderare quello che si ha .This seemed very appropriate for a husband and wife.

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