Saturday, 22 February 2014

Craft fairs and crafty ideas

My friends and I went to a Craft Fair yesterday. We were quite overwhelmed by the variety and high quality of the goods on display. There were  huge wall tapestries of the Eiffel Tower ,New York and St Marks Square, replicas of old masters, all made by hand using oddments of material. There were stands demonstrating how to crochet, knit, make jewellery, cakes,home improvements, handbags. Something for everyone to try.I have always admired people's creative talents and amazed by the variety of ideas. We are all brimming with ideas , we just need to be able to express them. If you tell a class of children to draw a picture or write a story , they will all do something different. Many of the stands at the Craft Fair had notices up saying. No foto but one man had Si foto and I liked that. We need to be inspired by each other. My daughter had just been telling me about an artist who said there are plenty of ideas to go round, no-one needs to be afraid of someone copying them. Picasso said that a good artist copies but a great artist steals. I think it is good for everyone to pass on their ideas and talents, to copy out a favourite recipe or recommend a nice place to visit or a good film or book. The Craft Fair of course was about making things. No- one was in danger of me copying their masterpieces, photos or no photos, I can hardly mend a sock . One area where there was no notice forbidding photos was the creative cake stand. These were incredible, more like sculptures than cakes. We  all merrily clicked away, I warmed to the people who had created these cakes and were willing to share them with us . I ' m sure I won't be copying them .


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