Thursday, 30 October 2014

Off to the swings

Sunflowers from a friend to brighten your day

In a small handbag
Put some precious things
Wrap up warm
And off to the swings
Soft golden curls
Gleaming in the sun
Big brown eyes
Full of fun
A gentle push
And off we go
The sun bathes us
In a golden glow
Higher and higher
To the top of the trees
Then down with a crunch
In the Autumn leaves
On the roundabout
And round we go
Faster and Faster
Then really slow
Take a tumble
Have a bit of a fright
A kiss and a cuddle
Make it all right
It's time to go
We wave goodbye
Blow some kisses
Look up at the sky
Now we're ready
To have a warm drink
In a nice big cup
That makes a nice chink
People turn and with words of praise
Stop to admire her gentle gaze
Her sweet, kind smile
Her pretty face
She's not yet two
But already knows
That the meaning of life
Is under your nose
Feel the sun on your face
The leaves under your feet
Be pleasant and friendly
To all those you meet
Stop for a drink
In a nice café
Take a break 
Have a chat
Then go on your way
Wish everyone everywhere
To have a nice day .
A colourful display of fruit jellies

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