Saturday, 11 October 2014

Fantastic Four

There is something really special about four year old children. You can have a proper two way conversation. When you ask them what their favourite colour is or which cartoon they like, they will in turn express great interest in your preference too. A four year old has all the ingredients of a grown-up and stands on the threshold of dependence and independence. Having organized his personality in the first three years of life he now begins to develop it.

 It is well-known that affection and stability are essential to the harmonious development of a small child in the first three years of his life. Some psychologists insist that children must be in the care of someone who loves them for at least the first two years, either a mother or mother figure.
At the age of four a child needs to be treated as a reasoning being. He will ask lots of questions and now expect to understand the reason behind the answers. In all it is a delightful age and anyone having the good luck of being in close contact with a four year old will know of the joy they can bring.
So here is a birthday wish for special four year olds and wishing them joy and happiness and love.

Birthday wishes for a four year old.

A special cake for someone who liked McQueen the hero of Cars.

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