Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Speedy Autumn supper for two

We won't change the clocks for another couple of weeks but the evenings are longer now and it can be nice to linger over your evening meal. In the fruit and vegetable shops in Italy you can find ready prepared artichokes as well as pumpkin which make life easier for housewives in a hurry. As they are already washed and peeled you should use them the day that you buy them because they quickly lose their vitamin content.
A friend gave me a large bag of walnuts from her tree and after dinner it is a great excuse to sit and crack them and tell each other the days news. A glass of white wine and a Williams pear for dessert and you feel all the mellowness and peace of the Autumn day embrace you.
Here I give the quantities for two but they can easily be doubled or halved.

Artichoke frittata

4 ready prepared artichokes, sliced thinly
4 eggs, beaten with a little water
Oil and butter for frying
salt and pepper.

Cook the artichoke slices quite briskly in a little oil and butter.
When they are slightly golden tip in the egg mixture and with a rubber spatula gently lift up the edges so the mixture cooks underneath. Slide onto a large plate and then turn it over, return it to the pan and let the other side cook.

Prepare some celery sticks to eat while you are waiting for the frittata to cook.
If liked serve with a large mixed salad-

Buon appetite e buona serata

Quickly assembled ingredients

Ready to go

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