Friday, 3 October 2014

Guardian Angels, Angeli Custodi

October the second according to the Italian calendar is dedicated to SS.Angeli Custodi, or Guardian Angels. It has been chosen as National Grandparents' Day, or  La Festa Dei Nonni. In Britain you can choose to be called Gran,Granny,Grandma, Nanna, Nan, Nanny but in Italy you are Nonna. Every grandmother is called Nonna and every grandfather is called Nonno. This can be followed by your first name so you could be say Nonna Anna or Nonno Carlo. Any grandparent will tell you that their grandchildren are the most beautiful, the sweetest, cleverest, of them all. In a stationery shop in Britain I saw a card that said, If your baby never cries, always smiles, sleeps all night, eats well, charms the birds out of the trees... then... you are the grandparent.
Well isn't that how it should be? So a heartfelt wish to all grandparents in Italy and elsewhere today  for the Festa dei Nonni.

This grandfather looks like he is guarding his young charge, looking out to sea by Norman Rockwell

A work of Art prepared by Nonni and nipotini

Nonni you are my guardian angels, please look after me

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