Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Life Changes, Lucy Part three

Paolo was the first to congratulate her.' I'm so happy for you both, but I will miss you'. Lucy froze. What did he mean? She couldn't bear the thought of him leaving her.
'Anita is so happy here but as much as I love England  I miss the sunshine, the sea and my people.' He turned to Lucy. 'The trouble is that I would miss you more than all those things put together.' Lucy's heart missed a beat. She could see Anita grinning widely . Matt had come in and stood beside her.
With a dramatic gesture Paolo knelt down in front of Lucy and threw his arms wide. 'Lucy amore mio please will you come to Sicily and marry me.' All Lucy could do was nod, tears of happiness ran down her face. There was a great cheer from the customers.
Pammy came forward 'At last, I knew the moment I saw you together that it was meant to be, your dad would be so happy.'
Anita and Matt came over to kiss her and Lucy cried out 'Oh Anita I haven't congratulated you properly yet. We 're going to be sisters! '

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