Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Life changes Lucy part four

The early morning customers at La Tazza D'Oro café in a small town on the South coast of  Sicily were delighted to see a large pink bow displayed on the door. It was the sign they had been waiting for. The owner of the café and his English wife had brought new life to their little town.  The café had big comfortable chairs inside and a wide terrace overlooking the sea. There was free WiFi and Paolo the owner helped them set up their computers. He was especially keen on Skype and last week the old priest Don Ciro had seen his brother in Australia with all his family sitting around him for the first time. The carers from Eastern Europe came in and sat chatting to their families, on Skype with a hot cappuccino in front of them. Paolo's English wife held conversation classes in the evenings and on Saturdays taught the children from the local school. Sometimes there was live music in the evenings and book presentations and exhibitions of local artists work.
Paolo welcomed them as they came in the door. 'é nata Emma , we have a beautiful baby girl. called Emma , all is well and they will be home tomorrow.' He offered free coffees all round  and then excused himself to go and see his wife and baby daughter leaving the café in the capable hands of his younger sister Concetta.
Lucy was sitting up waiting for him and cradling Emma . They called Anita on Skype, holding Emma up so she could see her.' Oh she's beautiful, just like her auntie Anita. Oh I can't wait to see her.' Anita's twin boys clambered onto her knee to have a look at their new cousin. They waved enthusiastically and blew noisy kisses.' You are all coming for Christmas aren't you ? Matt's got everything ready.'
A few days later Lucy and Emma were able to go home. As they drove along the coastal road to their village, Lucy asked Paolo to stop the car. She then walked down to the water's edge. She pulled the plastic submarine out of her pocket and threw it as hard as she could into the bright, twinkling sea.

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