Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Rosy apple, mellow pear

We used to sing this song in the Infants at Primary school.

Rosy apple, mellow pear,
Bunch of roses she shall wear,
Gold and silver by your side
Choose the one to be your bride.

We children would all stand round in a circle and a boy would stand in the middle. We would all sing the above verse and then he would choose one of the girls to be his bride. Then two people would form an arch holding hands and the couple would walk through followed by everyone else. For me this was all very exciting and a real taste of romance. To be chosen as the bride was wonderful. We were all about six or seven and already romantics at heart.
As I was arranging some Autumn fruits I thought of this rhyme and all the children that I sang it with.

On the right are the berries from the Jujube tree, also known as Chinese dates. In Italian they are called giuggioli and when a friend gives you some you know you are in Autumn.

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