Friday, 24 October 2014

Thoughts on an Autumn evening

There's a nip in the air today . There is the wonderful Autumn smell of wood smoke, the rich, powerful aroma of Autumn under the  thick carpet of leaves. 
It makes you think of Bonfire Night, Halloween, Half term. Memories of collecting wood to build a bonfire, buying fireworks, hot tomato soup in a mug, sausages and toffee apples. Dark evenings wrapping a mysterious velvet cloak around the town, putting potatoes round the bottom of a bonfire and then holding them in gloved hands . Dressing gowns and camphorated oil, welcoming lights glowing from small lamps, curtains closed to caress your home,  tea tray in front of the fire, shiny conkers in your pocket, smoke idly puffing from the cottages in the valley, riding round the golden lanes at dusk on the back of a motor bike, the sting of the icy rain on bare legs, the wind hastening the leaves to the ground, and going home , always going home.
A hundred memories in your heart in a split second when you breathe in the Autumn air.

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