Saturday, 1 November 2014

Character studies

A story for Halloween

All through her childhood Donna was aware of the importance of manners and appearances. She quickly learnt exactly how to behave so as to be met with approval and acceptance. She modelled herself on the two girls that she envied most in her class. They had sweet, gentle. mothers and doting fathers. Watching them she  soon grasped what was proper. At home there was madness and misery but from the moment that she got on the school bus she was demur and serene. Donna worked hard to improve her accent and hide her unpleasant temper. As she grew older she made every effort to appear alluring and seductive, She knew that her looks would help her achieve her aim.

Donna walked out of the church clinging onto her new husband's arm. What a catch, she hugged herself in delight. She would now start a new life as the wife of a highly respected local business man. Her gaze fell on her new sister-in-law. Donna thought how coarse her behaviour was. Always giggling and telling jokes. She looked at her barely able to hide her disdain. Donna felt superior at last. She would now be the one in charge. She had worked it all out. It would be her children who would inherit everything. She would make sure that her mean nature was carefully masked. Donna sighed with self-satisfaction. She would be just like she wanted to be now, sensitive and genteel. To start off well and show everyone how kind she was Donna thought she would give her sister-in-law her bouquet. She had nothing to lose now.

Donna's new husband squeezed his new wife tight and looked at her with desire. He congratulated himself on his fine choice.

This might not seem like a spooky Halloween story but I had to write about a character for a course I'm following. Here I try to get into the psyche of the sort of person that frightens me. Now I'm trying to think what emotions a person like this makes you feel, probably compassion, you can't help feeling sorry for people like this.
 Anyone who is manipulative and calculating is quite frightening for me. It took me a long time to realize this.
Anyone who has anything to do with babies knows that some are blessed with easy-going friendly natures and a complete lack of envy. Others have more of a challenge,. Whatever you think about nature and nurture there is no doubt that some little people have  a head start in the charm stakes. People with less appealing natures have to work harder. Often though life can even things out.

People can been seen in a different light.

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