Thursday, 20 November 2014

Beauty in the Winter sky, poem for the day

The seasons are often likened to people, Spring being light and pretty, decked with flowers, Summer holding sheathes of corn, Autumn with bunches of grapes and Winter red in the face and portly. I think of them as dances. My Autumn dance is dressed in rich velvet gowns of ruby, golden silk and rich bronze taffeta. As they spin and twirl they gradually change into their Winter robes of fine gossamer studded with pearls, creamy lace and ruby buttons.
As you watch the leaves tumbling down at the slightest gust of wind and the carpet beneath your feet growing ever thicker you might look up and see the vision of the trees silhouetted against the twilight sky tinged with gold and rose and see a different beauty in the trees.

Here is a quotation by Sarah Brana Barak that seems appropriate for such moments:-

When one sees the tree in leaf, one thinks the beauty of the tree is in its leaves, and then one sees the bare tree.

I have written you a little poem about that moment when the Winter sky shows you its beauty, I hope you like it.- it's from the series 'Poems I could have written when I was ten.'

The trees are preparing for Winter's delight,
Through Autumn they've been a magnificent sight,
Such a lovely display of gold and red
Now all that bounty will be shed,
A ballroom of colours swirling round
Until the last leaf is upon the ground,
The cold North wind will blow and roar
On the branches they will hang no more,
The trees now bare they look so stark
Wait until it starts to get dark,
The sunset is shown at its very best
Behind the wonderful silhouettes
Of the Oak and the Ash and the Sycamore
In the park, on the hill and across the moor,
The rosy glow of the setting sun
Tell us Winter is ready to have some fun.

I just might come back and improve this....

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  1. Lovely photos...I have a real thing for red leaves in autumn. The other photos also set a mood.