Monday, 17 November 2014

When I grow up I want to be a ballerina.

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Virginia. When she was just three years old her mother and father started to argue all the time. One day she told her auntie that her parents argued all the time because her mother wanted to live in the town and her father wanted to live in the countryside. When she was asked what she wanted to do she answered in a matter of fact voice that she wanted to be a ballerina.

Most little girls at some time or other have probably wanted to become a ballerina. It is such a lovely word. Straight away you think of romantic calming music, lovely costumes made of net and silk in shades of pink or white, silky shoes tied with long satin ribbons. your hair up in a chignon covered with a net.
Of course to become a ballerina requires not only a certain talent but a lot of dedication and hard work. When a ballerina goes for an audition they have to start from scratch each time, no matter what they have done before.
I've got one of those cactus type plants that flowers twice a year, now it is in full bloom and the flowers look like lots of graceful ballerinas.
Here's a wish to all the people I know that are ballerinas and all the little girls that dream of becoming one when they grow up.
Edgar Degas Ballerinas, 1890

Georges Seurat, Le Chahut, 1889-1890

A little ballerina in a music box ,

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