Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Thoughts while watching the sunset and poem for the day

There have been some magnificent sunsets this week. the thing about a sunset is that you can be engrossed in your work or walking along lost in thought and then you look up at the sky and are filled with an enormous sense of wonder as you see the colours in the sky. Phrases pop into your head like, 'Nature's paintbrush, sweeping rainbow colours. Then as you become lost in the wonder of the spectacle before you maybe you will catch a glimpse of the Evening Star looking just like the diamond in the famous nursery rhyme.

Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Twinkle, twinkle little star.

Most of us have been fascinated by Rosetta and the comet. It is really amazing and mind boggling. Also this week lots of people have been to see the film, 'Interstellar' and come away moved and feeling quite emotional.
Whenever I look at the sky for a long time and think about all that mysterious space I'm sure I am not alone in feeling that I am so glad that I am here on earth and how lovely it is to be down here looking up and not the other way round.
My poem for the day is about this, how we all want to fall to earth. It was written before man landed on the moon but after Newton saw the apple fall to the ground.

The Arrow and the Song

I shot an arrow into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For, so swiftly, it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For who has sight so keen and strong,
That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak
I found the arrow, still unbroken;
And the song, from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Sunset, a great time to reflect on all that's good in the world

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