Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Robin Red breast

There's something very exciting about catching sight of a robin hopping about at this time of year. He's definitely the number one bird to be on cards and wrapping paper.
Today we watched a very friendly robin who danced along the pavement and made me hum 
the red red robin goes hop
Hop hopping along.

When I tried to take his picture
He hopped onto a tree
Just as I was thinking
He was making friends with me.
He's really quite a small bird
He isn't very big
And with his back towards me
He looked just like a twig.
And so I waited patiently
For him to kindly show
His lovely little waistcoat
That's red as you all know
He gives us all such pleasure
When the other birds have gone
All the way to Africa
To enjoy the Winter sun
Yes the robin stays here with us
And makes our Winter bright
I really hope he's somewhere warm
On this cold and windy night. 

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