Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Birthday wishes

Happy Birthday brother

Today's my brother's birthday
He lives so far away
I'm sending him these wishes
To have a happy day.

We had a special mum and dad
We loved them very much
But now that they are here no more
It's hard to keep in touch.

We always had a lot of fun
Life always seemed a game
Looking at my grandchildren
I see that they're the same.

He has a lovely family
They're always having fun
A very pretty daughter
And a very handsome son.

My brother's very clever
I look at him in awe
Not only is he brilliant
He can sing and paint and draw.

So happy birthday brother
Though we are far apart
I send you all the love I have
That is within my heart.


  1. ...very's sort of an anthem to brotherhood! I particularly like the rhymes, very smart!

  2. Your Brother will love the poem and the beer too!