Monday, 10 November 2014

Coins in a Fountain- poem for the day

A sun dial with an inscription in Provencal dialect.
Without sun we are nothing

Libertè, Egalitè, Fraternitè

My poem for the day is especially for you, the ones that read my blog. In a French village there are often lovely fountains, sometimes quite monumental. There could also be a sundial on a wall and if you are in Provence the inscription could be in the local language instead of French. This one says Senso lou souleu siam ren. This means that without the sunshine we are nothing. Well they do get a lot of sunshine in Provence.
So my poem is dedicated to you and may the sun shine for you.

Today I saw four fountains
With water gushing out.
It said you couldn't drink it
So what's the point of that?
And so I threw some coins in
And made a wish for you
That life will treat you kindly
In everything you do.
Then I saw above the fountain
Engraved into the stone
The wonderful insription
That in France is so well known
It seems to me they write it
Just everywhere they can
Equality and freedom
And the brotherhood of man.

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