Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Quince Tree

The English countryside is dotted with numerous pubs. They often have names that suit the countryside- The Fox and Hounds, The Stag and Huntsman, The Goose, The Bull and Butcher, The Ploughman's Arms. Traditionally they are cosy and warm and a welcome haven on a dark windy night or will have a shady garden for sunny days. Today I went to one of these old country pubs only to find it had been transformed into a bright, light spacious modern café and restaurant. There was also a shop with exotic food and an impressive display of wine bottles. The owner was charming and introduced us to his young family and showed us round. There were olive trees in pots, ornamental pumpkins and proper Parma ham. Lots of women drinking cappuccinos or lattes and amazing Scotch eggs. There were daily newspapers to read and cookery books to buy. It was all bright and modern and cheerful, quite different from the old country pub that was there before, but still with a charm of its own. 

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