Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Crowdie, a sweet Scottish dessert to get your oats

 Crowdie is a delicious dessert from Scotland that contains oats. I found the recipe and duly made it but it doesn't look like the photo in my book. It tastes lovely though, like Eton Mess and Pavlova. The same ingredients used in different ways. Oats are a traditional cereal widely used in Scotland. They are considered to be one of the most valuable staple foods. There is no refined version of oats, so their natural nutritional benefits are retained. When eaten raw oats supply B vitamins, linoleic acid, vitamin e, soluble fibre and protein. Oats are used in a few phrases in English that make you think they must have great nutritional properties....

To feel one's oats..........feel energetic and lively
To get one's oats............to have sex
To sow one's wild oats... to go through a period of wild behaviour with lots of partners while young

There ... hasn't that made you want to try this scrumptious dessert ?


50g medium oatmeal, lightly toasted in a non stick pan over low heat
300ml fresh double cream, lightly whipped
60ml clear honey
45ml whisky
350g fresh raspberries or frozen mixed berries

Thaw the frozen fruits, if using or wash the raspberries.
Add the honey, whisky and oatmeal to the cream.
Layer the fruit mixture and the cream and oatmeal mixture in tall glasses or bowls. Cover with clingfilm and store in the refrigerator. When ready to serve decorate with raspberries and bring to room temperature.

What it looks like in my book, the Daity cook book

What it actually looked like

Just a few simple ingredients and you're all set

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